Next Event: 35L Sales Connection 

35L Sales Connection


This is a 35L SALES EVENT.
All items sold need to be the SAME QUALITY as the ones you sell in your store.
It must be a great bargain for customers!


Reservation: until sold out
Set Up: May, 12-15 (noon)
Event Date: May 16-21
Clean up: May, 22

* Booths: 36
* Prims: 15 per store + 4 for tags
* Fee to Join: 400L per store

* ONE item must be priced at 35L (regular price at least 99L). All other items priced at $35L as discounted item, 50% OFF, or 75% OFF.
* The discounted price for these items is exclusive for the duration of the event.
* Gachas: Limited to TWO inside your booth. Gachas are optional and will count towards your prim limit
* GIFT: ONE gift is required for all booths. Gift Item must be set to 35L VIP group. (Does not count in prim limit, gift bag will be provided)
* New items and/or exclusives are not mandatory
* Booth Limit – one per store with a maximum of 2 per avatar & alts.
* No multivendors. No hovertext. No copyrights issues or TOS issues. (exception: Pose makers may have hover text on their pose stands.)
* Set up deadline is May, 15th at Noon. If you don’t respect the deadline you will be replaced. Fees are not refundable. We understand stuff happens and we sympathize but still please do not ask.


* Go to the reservation area and pay the fee:
* Drop your logo on mailbox (click edit and drag your logo inside contents)
* Fill the form:
* ATTENTION: You must complete all steps to be reserved!


* You must be an designer/builder/creator with 6 months well established or more
* Original work is important to us, means we accepted templates, since they have original texture work
* No resellers. No Gachas Prizes Resellers. No yard sales. No outlets. No warehouses.
* No copyrights issues, included pictures, tattoos, musics, logos, names and etc
* No Art/Frames Store only.
* No outdated items (old prim, layer clothes and etc)
* If you store is not accepted, we will refund you as soon as possible.

Please, any question send a notecard!

Lulu (luluts) and Shelby Thor (Shelby Olivier)